Boat Insurance
février 19, 2016
Assurance Confiance is here for you !
février 19, 2016

Here are the benefits of tenant insurance:

You are automatically protected by liability insurance.
This insurance covers the amount you may have to pay if you are responsible for unintentional damage to a person or property equipment.
For example, imagine if the bill:

  • you forget a pot on the stove and it caused a fire. After destroying your kitchen, it could spread to neighboring apartments and the whole building;
  • you forget to close a valve and that water would infiltrate into the floor and housing on the lower floor (it would refurbish!) (which should be replaced!);
  • you were traveling and you were doing a trip passing through the airport escalators;
  • circuliez you bike and you heurtiez a parked vehicle.

Your personal property is also insured.
Think of your laptop, your textbook, your clothes, etc.
If they were stolen, vandalized or destroyed by fire, the guarantee replacement value of your insurance would allow you to replace them with new property of identical kind and quality.

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