Spring is upon us !!!! Do not forget to call your insurer to withdraw storage.

Le printemps est à nos portes !!!! N’oubliez pas d’appeler votre assureur pour faire retirer le remisage.
mars 22, 2016
La saison de la moto est commencée !!!
mai 7, 2016

You have decided to give a little respite to your car and the store during the winter season? That’s a good decision, especially if you want to keep it in excellent condition for many years.
With spring just around the corner, you are certainly feverish with the idea to leave your car of its hibernation. By cons, before you jump on the road behind the wheel of it, I advise you to do basic mechanical checks to be able to enjoy your car and it safely.
To do before starting the engine
No matter where you stored your vehicle, it would be wise to conduct an audit of all fluid levels under the hood of your car before the restart. If, unfortunately, there was an oil leak or coolant during the winter, you’ll be able to see you from a low abnormal level before turning the engine.
Engine oil can be verified very well. Just pull on the level wand and voila. As for brakes and power steering oil, you’ll be able to directly check the levels inside the containers.
For the coolant directly unscrew the radiator cap or expansion tank to make sure it is full.
Once control performed levels you will have peace of mind and can put your vehicle.
Of course, before long trips, make an appointment at the garage to perform drain the engine oil and filter replacement.
Battery, low-speed tires and verification
If you have not removed or disconnected the vehicle battery when storing, make sure it has a high enough load to start your vehicle. Often the voltage of it may have decreased considerably during the cold season. Over time, the memory devices, the clock and some electronic accessories like the alarm system can drain the battery power.
Also take a few minutes to check the air pressure and the condition of your tires. It is likely that they have lost a few pounds of air in the winter. Also check to be sure the tread or belt of your tires do not deteriorate during the winter. Sometimes it happens that the dry rubber and crunches when the vehicle is stopped for a long time.
Once the engine, I advise you to leave the reach normal operating temperature before taking the wheel of your car. Before you jump on the road, it would also be good to make some low-speed tests to ensure the functionality of the accelerator and brake system. Moisture combined with a long period of inactivity could have caused corrosion and led to problems of mobility of certain components of the brakes and throttle cable.

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