Replacement insurance on used vehicle, is it possible?

Do you own a boat?
février 19, 2016
Le printemps est à nos portes !!!! N’oubliez pas d’appeler votre assureur pour faire retirer le remisage.
mars 22, 2016

For Used vehicles
In case of a total loss of your used vehicle replacement insurance benefit FPQ NO5, will replace the vehicle not exceeding in value the original amount paid for the vehicle indexed by 5% the year compound, calculated by number of days between the date of possession and the date of loss. Warranty Replacement Insurance QOF NO5 is the most competitive product on the automotive market. It provides coverage period up to 84 months. It pays deductibles in case of unlimited total loss for vehicles of less than $ 120,000 and in case of partial loss, up to a maximum of $ 250 per event including glass breakage. In addition, for new and used vehicles, Warranty allows for the replacement of damaged parts with new parts (up to $ 1,500 difference per event). It also offers up to $ 50 per day (taxes included) for a courtesy car (up to a maximum of $ 1500 per event).

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